Thursday, 21 March 2013

It's been a while...

I haven't posted for ages!  Slack!  All I say is I plead busy-ness.  Got sent to Brighton for work last week for 3 days.  Nice to catch up with some work peeps I haven't seen for ages.  Blimey it was nippy though but at least the sun came out.

Also had a visit home to Dorset for Ma's birthday.  Had a little peek at big sis's allotment and a rather nice meal at The Thimble Inn in Piddlehinton.  A pub with it's own stream round the outside! 
Outside a different pub I spotted this.

I'm intrigued to know what 'pie' pie is I must say!
I'm looking forward to next week as I've booked it off work and have a list as long as at least both of my arms of things I want to get done round the house and in the garden.  Fingers crossed the rain holds off for a few of the days at least!


  1. I wonder what that is too. Enjoy your week off.

  2. Wishing I'd gone in and asked now. With the apparent succinctness of the next item 'peppadew pasta chicken' it seems an anomaly. ;-)

  3. Have a great week off!

    1. Thank you - still hoping the rain will stop...


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