Saturday, 13 April 2013

Frugal freebies and a Delia

Fistly I have just seen over on KittyKittyWeaselFish's blog that next weekend the 20-21st April the National Trust are having a free weekend.  Go to their site here to download a voucher for up to 4 people; 2 of them adults, for a load of their special places all over the UK.  I fancy going to Killerton, which is only about 7 miles from us but we haven't seen it yet and as they have their regular farmers market on that saturday too it's a double bonus reason to go.  :-)
Another freebie next - on Facebook Heinz currently have an offer here where you can get a free packet of tomato seeds.  Lord knows the last thing I need is more seeds but hey - they're free!  Sounds like a nice variety - the pack (which arrived in a super-fast-for-a-freebie 8 days) says they are San Marzano - 'a plum shaped Italian variety specifically bred for bottling, cooking or producing home-made sauce and puree.'  I'll give them a go - if the rain lets up this year that is!
Lastly I wanted to share my frugal Delia bargain - chuffed to spot this in a local charity shop at £1.99.  Considering full price it was £17.99 on the back I think that's a pretty good buy.  It's about frugul food and although I don't generally go for Delia; finding her *OCD prep and didactic delivery somewhat irritating, I'm not arguing that her recipes are generally pretty good.  (*I got gifted a copy of Delia's Christmas years back and find the entire planning everything hour by hour from 3 days in advance a leetle bit too much.)
This is a reprint of a 70's book she did which immediately interested me with my love of old/vintage cook books and it's been issued in a lovely hard bound cloth covered edition with some beautiful photography.  So it ticks my 'food porn' box too - I just need to find somewhere on the groaning shelf of cook books to wedge it in now... 
(Excuse the curious easter chicks/egg tree still up - I like decorations m'kay?)


  1. thanks Ruth...I've "ordered" my freebie seeds too. I'm thinking Lacock Abbey for my day out :-) That's quite a cookbook stash you have you find you use them much?..I have cookery books and recipes from supermarkets, magazines & clippings but if I want to know how to cook something I always google it nowadays so the cookery books have now become "coffee table" books for leafing through occaisionally and looking at the pictures

    1. I tend to use them more as an inspiration source - the Chap is more likely to make a full recipe tbh although I do on occasion. Some of the really random old ones are just for the interest really - and the laughs! I use the net lots too - like to have as much info as poss so I can make my own version based on several others. They have become coffee table books though - I love the fab photography you get now. :-)

  2. I used to have that very bad.

    When I moved/downsized in 2010 I did something really radical. I chucked all my cook-books - just put them in a skip.

    Now we just go online for all our recipes.

    Was I mad? Probably. What's your view on that?

  3. Replies
    1. Not mad if that's what worked for you - though I wish you'd taken them to the charity shop! I'm a book lover generally though so I like having books, although I do have a kindle too now!


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