Friday, 8 July 2011

Oi Blogger people - fix the frigging comments!!

Since about May I have been unable to comment as myself on my own and a lot of other blogs.  Having checked the 'known issues' the other day this has now been tagged as fixed.  No it's bloody well not.  Unable to see any obvious place to report this I went in search of help on the forum instead and by swapping to a pop-up comment box rather than having it embedded under the post I can now comment as myself on my own blog.  Hoo-bloody-rah.  Not an ideal fix as I don't like the pop-up box much but it'll have to do.  However, having just attempted to comment on  Azza's Blather (pop by and see her - it's entertaining) it seems I still can't comment on some blogs - hers wouldn't even let me comment as anonymous.  I just got locked into a mobius loop of word verification - log in - word verification - log in so I gave up.  Rather that than heave the whole PC out the window!
Oh - and if you want to utilise the less-than-ideal fix of having pop-up box comments go to Dashboard-Settings-Comments and click the radio button to choose 'Pop-up Window' then scroll to the bottom and save.  Tsk.  What a pile of faff.


  1. I don't know what the problem is, I can comment easily enough...

  2. Thanks for your kind comments about my blog. I'm so sorry you're having trouble trying to comment but it's nice to know you've popped by.


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