Friday, 1 July 2011

Week of work mentalness

Well - it's been a tad busy at work this week on the Ruthdigs front hence the frankly digusting lack of posts.  I've half written the rest of our impromptu weekend up - it's just having the time to get in and pick the photos and finish it.  Anyway - I've had all I can take for today - a particularly frustrating one amending study plans only for the student / agent / whoever to turn round and change their mind.  One girl's up to her 4th change form...  Garn!!

Copyright Craig Damrauer
 I'm off to Dorset for at least tomorrow for big sis's birthday - we're visiting an hostelry going by the name of "The New Inn" in some tiny back of beyond place called West Knighton.  [Coming from a tiny back of beyond place myself I'm allowed to say that.]  Don't think I've ever been there before but it's possible; back in the 'glass bottle of fizzy pop and a packet of salt-n-shake crisps' days.  Anyway - I'm looking forward to it and hoping the nice weather stays with us.


  1. West sounds lovely, very Jane Austenish!!

  2. Have a great time Ruth. Sounds like you need the break.

  3. It was lovely - and much needed!


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