Friday, 20 January 2012

Winter - ish!

Although it has been a remarkably clement winter so far the weather has started throwing a little bit more cold at us recently.  This has given us crisp beautiful days with a arc of blue above and a rare sighting of that sun thing myths tell us inhabit the upper regions of our sightable sky.  It's also been welcome to see the nights slowly drawing out as I do get miserable when it's permanently grey and dark when I'm walking home.  Whether this is the cause of my lackadaisical posting recently or something else is to blame for my paltry offerings over the last month I'm unsure but I do intend to get some catching up done on here before too much longer.  That said - right now I must return to work so toodlepip and happy Friday!!


  1. Pretty picture, but isn't it the days that are drawing out and the nights becoming shorter? Don't lose any daylight! ;-)

  2. Oops! I was thinkiing of drawing out as in getting further off I think - not thinking very well evidently though!

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