Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Ahoy there!

I must apologise for my apparent absence.  Much to my startlement it's already the 10th of the new year!  Been quite busy hiding under umbrellas and trying to not get washed or blown away!!

Work has also been fairly hurly burly with the new intake for January; students from hither and yon have been pitching up at my work!
I've also been putting the slow cooker to good use with a new batch of winter soups that I have yet to write up in full so there's that to look forward to and I think we're due a rugby round up on the Chiefs performance this season thus far.
New Years eve was blimmin close though...


  1. You still getting a lot of floods down there? Bout time it stopped I think.

  2. With all the rain recently the river gets pretty high by the time it reaches us - all the run off from the moors. It's designed to take it though after there was a proper 'banks burst water everywhere' flood in the 60's. They dug out the river channel and added overflows to contain it all - pretty impressive when it's roaring over the drops though!


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