Sunday, 15 July 2012

Quick bit of crafting

I know I haven't been in evidence for far too long (over a month - I think this must be my longest gap yet) and I'm somewhat annoyed with myself for that.  All I can say in defence is that work has been hideous, chaotic, overly-busy and massively under planned for by the powers that be.  Grrrr....   Now - I will get round to posting the Scilly Isles trip up - some good pics (I think) but for now here's a quick little purse revamp I did the other morning when I woke up at silly o'clock and couldn't get back to sleep.
Do you remember my pretty purse I made using Ma's sewing machine - I was ridiculously pleased with myself over it. 
Well, a year has passed and it was looking rather more sorry for itself.  The satin fabric starting giving out along the bottom edge then just frayed hideously, the zig zags came loose and finally I recently decided something needed to be done. 
In the back of the second pic here you can see the old top I had decided to upcycle to be the new purse.  Sadly the zip had gone on this but I think the fabric's far too pretty to just dump it so wanted to find something to use it for.

Well, a little bit of cutting round the purse, sewing along the bottom edge and sides of the resulting rectangle then stitching the envelope thus created onto the top edge of the existing cotton 'under-purse' as neatly as poss and ta-daa!!  Cost even less than the last one as no power other than my own was used in it's making and it reused the existing zip and cotton backing.  (Incidentally - you're quite right and I'm sure that 'under-purse' isn't widely recognised as a descriptive term but hey - you instantly knew what I meant right?)

Not too bad for a 5am job eh?  :-)


  1. Well done Ruth. I wouldn't be able to focus enough to sew at that hour of the morning.

  2. It is beautiful Ruth. I couldn't sew that at any hour of the day!!!!!!


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