Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Food adventures - a new shop!

I recently came across a new world food shop at the opposite end of Exeter to the one I usually frequent.  I think it's nominally Turkish / Persian but I didn't get a chance to have a proper look inside.  However I did snatch these quick photos on my phone - not sure what all these things are but I'm excited to have a proper look around inside!


  1. Ruth thanks for joining in, no problem if you don't speak italian.
    If you let me know your e mail address I'll send you and your partner (speaking English) an e-mail.

    1. That was fast! I have just emailed you my address. Excited to see what I get! x

  2. That looks exciting, so many new things to try out. Keep us posted, won't you?

    What is the Italian connection above?

    1. I plan on a good rummage and shop there on payday.

      The Italian lady writes a blog with a food swap which I'm taking part in, exciting stuff!

  3. Ooh live not too far away Think I know all the ethnic shops at the Odeon end of Exeter is this new one that end or hiding elsewhere?.
    Karen x

  4. Ruth
    to this day you should have received the secret ingredient from your SWAP partner.
    Just to remember you to send me a pic of the recipe you will make with it within 31st March.


    PS if you haven’t received the ingredient yet, don’t worry I’ll wait for you


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