Friday, 26 August 2011

The unexpected

A letter came in the post yesterday.  I looked the the postmark and felt something rigid inside the envelope and thought - 'oh, it's a cd of photos from my uncle from our weekend in Dorset a couple of weekends back'.  (Yet to be posted.)  I then forgot to open it as it was under the e-on bill and only opened it this morning.  To my surprise out came 2 old photographs, a short letter and a sizeable cheque.  Eh?  I read the letter, then read it again; and then a third time, this time managing to grasp the salient points.  A great-aunt I didn't know had passed away.  This lady was my dad's dad's sister - so my dad's paternal aunt.  She; Joan, and her husband Ken had never had children and had bequeathed her estate to her nieces and nephews - of which my father was one and the lady who sent the letter another.  (She's the 6 year old bridesmaid for them here.) In the event that any pre-deceased her - like my father did - it was to go to any children of theirs.  Thus my 2 big sis's and I all received a cheque in the post.

It feels odd - I never met the lady to the best of my knowledge so it feels strange to have received anything let alone a generous amount from her.  It's going in the savings or an isa; although I may treat us to new Chiefs season tickets.  I need to have a think about it.  This post then is for you - unknown great aunt Joan; in the great unknown.  Sleep tight. xxx

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  1. Oh Ruth, that has made me a little tearful! Good luck with whatever you decide to do. I suspect you'll keep the pictures safe.


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