Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Flower for TA

As Toffeeapple showed an interest [thanks!] here's a couple more of the flower.  Yes - it dangles from a branch and is rather fantastic.  Annoyingly I couldn't see a label to tell me what it was so it will have to remain the bauble flower to me.  Answers on a postcard if anyone knows it?
Here's how they look furled up before springing out into the bauble effect.  They remind me of raspberry ripple ice-cream.

From another side - you can see the petals join up in the middle.  Fascinating huh?
Here you can see them in situ - well - if the Chap and son weren't in the way..  ;-D


  1. Thank you Ruth, that is a fantastic picture of an amazing flower. I agree with your idea of it looking like a Raspberry Ripple.

  2. Whatever it is, it's gorgeous!

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