Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Cold beauty

The lovely sunrise this morning on my way to work.

Makes up for all the nightmare trying to get round shops at the moment!!  I must have spent a good 15-20 minutes queuing in a shop on Sunday for a couple of items.  It was only the thought of having to go through it again that stopped me dumping my basket and scarpering.  You'd think we were expecting a siege the way some people are going at it.  Ok-  if you're having to cater for ten extra family members then yes - you need a wee bit more in the way of food but otherwise - do we really need so much more stuff for a whole day when the shops are shut?  No - I really don't think we do!


  1. The last time I ventured anywhere near the main shopping area was on the fist Monday of this month and I shan't be going there again until the middle of January. I shall do all of my shopping in Stony Stratford, far more peaceful there.

  2. I try and avoid the centre of the city at the best of times but right now it's horrendous!
    The sky made the pic - I just pushed the button. Thank you. :-)


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