Thursday, 15 December 2011

Path passable, christmas comes, girly shock!

Water levels have dropped a bit now...  if only I had a wood burner there's plenty of fuel just needing drying out left behind.
Weather's still grotty but I shall venture forth into it later for one small item of giftedness followed by a chrimble catch up with a good friend.  Starting to actully feel a bit more festive now - hard to when you have to concentrate on work rather than being able to wind down.  Might even get the tree decorated tomorrow!  (Bought it last weekend!!)  Looking forward to the lovely coloured lights and my pretty things to hang on it.  Yup - I'm a bit of a girly at heart.  :-D


  1. That went down quickly. I'm still not feeling festive.

  2. Have you put your tree / any decs up yet? I fuind that always gets me in the mood. *Christmas hugs*


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