Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Breakfast reminisce

Can you guess what I had for brekkie today?  Yup - left over pancakes it was.  I am a fan of the savoury item but - it isn't pancake day [and yes - I know it really isn't pancake day today anyway as that was yesterday but bear with me here] without some good old lemon and sugar action.  This is how we always had them when I was small and it was a family affair.  We would crowd round ma in the kitchen, no doubt getting right under her feet as is the wont of 3 small girls when there's treats in the offing. All waiting for the next one to be cooked.  They weren't eaten until the whole batch was done when we all sat at the table together with both ma and dad, but for the limited attention span of a small child watching a pancake cooking is the ideal sort of time scale to witness that magical change in state from a liquid gloopy batter to a gently golden circle alive with potential and just awaiting the application of your topping of choice.  Whilst we may have flirted with freshly squeezed orange and sugar, or even chocolate spread, it is the lemon and sugar that I still return to now.  The sour zing of the lemon and crunch of the sweetly tempering sugar works it's magic on my tastebuds and memories alike.  :-)


  1. British pancake MUST have lemon and sugar, but American ones must have butter and maple syrup. It is written thus.

  2. Got to be lemon & sugar for me too :-)

    1. Eevn if I have some variety there will always be at least one lemon and sugar. Often 2, the first and the last. Depending how many I'm pigging...


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