Monday, 23 August 2010

All quiet on the (South) Western front

I had the week off!! I did mean to warn you but quite frankly by the time it hit 8pm on the Friday and I was still at work all I wanted to do was leg it. Anyway I took a week off for a very good reason - a rather small but incredibly disruptive influence has entered my life and is doing his best to destroy the very fabric of space time itself - or at least the fabric of my curtains, duvet cover, whatever I'm wearing...

Me - disruptive?? But I'm tiny!!
And master of all I survey.
Snooze time before...

Kitten ATTACK!!

This is Zeke; short for Ezekiel. Now it's a while since I've been around tiny cats and I'd forgotten just how high they can jump even though they're miniscule. Oh - and all those people that say to 'kitten-proof' your house - it can't be done! However they do have the redeeming feature of making me laugh like a drain at his antics. Like biting one's own tail then (presumably at the shock) rolling off the sofa backwards. Or kicking oneself in the head when attempting to attack anything and everything including quite a few things that aren't there. I could go on but suffice to say, we'll be hearing more from my resident scamp.


  1. Oh Ruth, he is gorgeous! I agree that there is no way to 'kitten-proof' your home. OH's house is in tatters still. I hope we hear a lot more about Zeke.

  2. I am not a cat person but he is sooooo appealing. Good read too, Ruth.
    I must somehow prevent Fiona from seeing your link!


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