Friday, 13 August 2010

Top notch

Apologies for the absolute dearth of posts - been a tad busy to say the least. You can blame that on the UKBA and their damn fool ways of bringing in sweeping changes with about a weeks notice. Grrr...
Got round to trying the Manchega cheese I got in Wareham recently. Ooh it's good - so very glad I got 2 lots! :-) It's rich, nutty, buttery, pliable at the outside edges and a little crumblier towards the centre. Going by this site I'm guessing it must be the 'Curado' version, medium aged. Went very nicely on a Rich Tea biccie in a passable imitation of breakfast this morning. Of course really I should be eating it with membrillo - quince 'cheese'. As it happens there's some in the fridge at home so may have to go another round of this later. Nom nom nom...
Now some of you may be well aware that I've been somewhat tardy in determining the postcard art pay it forwards 'winner' - if getting a random postcard from me can be called a 'win'. I had some typically convoluted and grandiose ideas of holding a snail race to pick the name but frankly I realised I was just making life rather harder for myself than it really needed to be. Therefore I will devise some less elaborate method of name picking today and announce it in the very near future. Probably. If you're lucky... ;-D
Oh - big shout out to the 'Northern' boys without whom the campus would be a much quieter and less muddy place to work. :-) If you're reading this C (you know who you are) you can see my favourite door in this post.

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