Friday, 18 February 2011

Absentee - I will be...

I'm off for the next week now and know not whether I'll have access / time etcetera to bestow my inane jabberings upon the wider world. If not then do me a favour - blog will be one on Friday so here's an early 'YAY' from me and I'll leave it to you fine people to party in my absence. Or something. Anyway I'll try and post but it's probably going to be a fairly busy week. I'll be meeting Chap's son for the first time so am a tad trepidatious - what does one talk to 14 year old blokes about? I asked this question at work and got told - 'X-box games', 'footy', 'birds' (and no - not ornithology). Ah - that's me stuffed then! I sadly have to report that I no longer have a games platform of any kind; my PS2 having recently given up the ghost. If I'm honest that's been used for nothing other then playing DVD's for the last few years anyway. Oh I do feel old!! I'm sure I'll muddle through though and I am looking forwards to it far more than I'm worried at all. Just do me a sunshine dance as my little-big sis has promised she will so we can go cycling on Dartmoor and other such things. Possibly even fishing which I haven't ever done before so a mini-adventure for me there.
I'm not sure how I feel about the idea of going fishing. As a pescatarian I have to try it at least as I eat the end product; ownership of one's actions and the ramifications they have and all that jazz. Also I am ultimately scathing at a meat eater who won't watch images of abbatoirs etc but I'm just not sure how the squeamish side of me may manifest itself. I'm fine with worms, frogs, snakes, toads and that kind of thing so hopefully it'll be fine but I can be disappointingly girly with things like spiders [emitting high pitched eeks and generally running away; although living on your own does toughen you up a bit. Or at least teach you how to hyperventilate whilst trying to persuade a spider to climb on the end of a garden cane AND NO FURTHER UP IT so's you can pitch it out the window.] and milipedes - things with too many legs basically although earwigs fill me with horror too. Anyway, I digress - hopefully it'll all be lovely and I'll also find some way of balancing the karma of it all. Hmmm...

Calming picture.

Wish me luck.


  1. I bet you'll get on fine with Chap's boy, they are not all goblins you know.

    The fishing should be interesting, I've always wanted to do it but can't sit/stand long enough nowadays. Anyway, have a fun time away.

    I can't believe you've been blogging for a whole year, well done you!

  2. Good luck Ruth. I am sure it will all be fine. He is probably more worried than you are. Have a good week


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