Friday, 11 February 2011

'V' day

With Valentine's day fast approaching and the shops exhorting us to spend yet more cash on red or pink heart or flower shaped chocolate covered tat that shows all the thought and depth of emotion as a dead jellyfish I thought I'd share a few photos of better things with you.
For the love of nature and the thought that spring is coming. The snowdrops and catkins are out and this morning for the first time I could smell spring in the air.For the love of tending the earth whilst treading on her lightly. Reaping the freshness that a shop can not sell you. Hours spent in solitude or side by side working a spade.
For the love of yorkshires. 'Nuff said, surely?!
Happy Weekend all. :-D

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I love my comments!!!!
Thank you for reading. I read all my comments and am trying to get better at replying to them too. :-)
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