Tuesday, 29 November 2011

The familiar becomes unfamiliar

They're (finally) resurfacing our road.  Consisting of Victorian (I think) terraced housing parking is at a major premium round our way and normally the street is chocka both sides up the street with cars, vans, motorbikes and the odd camper van wedged in and overhanging the corners where the double yellows start.  Due to the resurfacing though everyone has to be cleared out by 8am and it looks so so very different.  It's actually quite a wide street without all the damn cars up it!  I like it but they'll all be back by tomorrow I think.  You can see why it needs re-surfacing though - looking a little bit patchy eh?!
It makes me wonder what it was like back in the day to see it looking so unfamiliar.  I'm quite interested in the random little bits of history you only pick up by (for example) perusing old photos on the walls in pubs or flipping through those self published old postcard collections.  I find it fascinating to see places I know so well looking so different - sometimes just a scant handful of decades before.

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  1. Yes, just imagine if they took up all the tarmac, instead of resurfacing, you'd probably find all the old cobblestones. That's what they did with some of our old streets and they look really nice.

    Mind you, they're absolutely no good for walking on in heels, wheelchair users, people with any wlaking difficulties, prams etc, the list is endless.

    So guess what they did...yes, they resurfaced..again!


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