Thursday, 3 November 2011

Frugal tip and unseasonal plant madness

Frugal tip of the week - Boots has Aquafresh toothpaste on half price at the mo - that makes it 52p rather than £1.05!  Even cheaper than their own brand which is 70p - not a bad deal so I thought I'd stock up and got 6 tubes.  :-)

We were in Dorset last weekend and I noticed that in my mothers garden these poppies were not only still blooming - they're bursting back into life with new buds!  It's been an odd 'Autumn' so far for the weather that's for sure.  How lovely they were.

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  1. A bargain! Well done you.

    Love the picture of the poppy bud just bursting out. I have Evening Primroses and Wallflowers blooming at the minute. The Wallflowers look odd because the empty seed pods are still attached to the plant. As yo9u day, a strange autumn/


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