Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Days worth a mention

Happy days!!  My little blog was a whole 2 years old on the 25th and I forgot - oops!  Knowing my own propensity for starting projects and not finishing them (or getting all the equipment together then never getting any further - my house is fair littered with various bits of kit for projects that consumed me with interest just long enough to outlay my hard earned pennies on the necessary items then the wave of interest retreated leaving said items beached high and dry on the dust-gathering shelf marked 'to be returned to') I'm a weeny bit pleased with myself that this at least I have kept up.  I find it a handy place to bung recipes so I can come back to them and hopefully I have entertained and possibly even educated a little over the last 2 years.  The blogging world has certainly taught me a lot both in terms of recipes found to frugal tips to simple inspiration from other's beautiful images or words.  Although to be fair blogs are possibly also quite responsible for a fair few of my non-starter projects from the cider making (demi-john, hydrometer plus associated tube, campden tablets, sterilising stuff, bungs and airlocks) to the home sewn skirt (pattern cut from brown paper, material, ebay saved search for 'fold over elastic' [you try finding the stuff in uk haberdasheries], half working grandmothers Singer in the back bedroom) to proper jam making (jam pan, thermometer, muslin).  [I am a martyr to the compulsive need to follow all links posted.]  Hey ho - at least all this stuff can be gone back to, it's just taking up a bunch of space in the meantime.  One of my nebulous new years resolutions was to finish various half started projects so perhaps by the end of this year I will have made use of some of the clutter.
The second day to mention is today!  It's a leap year so we have an extra day - the 29th February - for the first time since 2008 in order to balance us out to the solar year.  The solar year is actually more like 365.25 days long rather than the 365 days we (well Julius Caesar in fact) adapted so every 4 years an extra day makes up the difference(The Julian calendar).  The fact that this isn't quite exact but is in fact out by 11 minutes and however many seconds means that 3 times in each 400 years the leap year doesn't occur (that's the Gregorian calendar now).  Got all that??!  Apparently it's tradition that women can propose to men instead of the other way round on a leap day [like they can't on any other day?  Pffft] but fret not - I don't think the Chap and  are quite at that point yet!  ;-)
Finally there's tomorrow - as of the morrow I will have officially been employed by my current firm for 5 years.  5 whole years!  Damn.  I have to say it - much as I'm grateful for a job in these uncertain times and still more it's a reasonable job in the dry and warm - I'm so so so bored of it now.  However - we will focus on the positives and in honour of that and the fact that tomorrow is Saint David's day (patron saint of Wales - though I don't have any Welsh in me) I may make a batch of welsh related goodies tonight to bring in for my colleagues in the morning.  Nom.  Happy days my friends.


  1. Dydd Gŵyl Dewi Sant Ruth! For tomorrow. I shall go back to see what you are making for tomorrow.

    Congrats on your second year too.

  2. Happy 2nd birthday!

    And hopefully there will be many more!


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