Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Palindrome (& pancake) day

It's a palindrome day.  A palindrome is something that reads the same backwards as forwards which is true of the date today - 21.02.2012.  [Warning - there's probably rather more information that you want there.]  It's also pancake day - here's some I had for lunch with maple syrup on - yum!  Oddly they hadn't got the most traditional / common choice of lemon juice and sugar available.

I shall make the Chap and I pancakes for tea tonight and have been thinking of the idea of incorporating ingredients into the batter a la the Full Brekkie Pancake experiment.  (Something I must return to incidentally.)  I'm thinking grated cheese included in the batter with a filling of spinach, mushrooms and tomatoes.  Or perhaps the spinach could be in the batter too along with the cheese?  I shall have to experiment and see what turns out...  Enjoy - whatever way you do them!


  1. I made some for myself but they were rather thick so didn't enjoy them much.

  2. Oh what a shame. I'm the same - they have to be nice and thin or tend to be stodgy otherwise.
    Better luck next year. :-)


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