Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Travel via food

As it seems like it may be a few months yet before the Chap and I can think about a holiday this will have to do for now!
We had a fab Indian buffet at work yesterday lunch time - just £5 for all this!  There was also a Chicken Kerala curry option which I didn't have but here we have naan breads, raita, rice, Aloo Gobi, Saag Aloo and Tarka Dahl.  Yum!!!  I was fairly stuffed after all that.  This was cooked up by our Cafe manager who is 'demi' Indian himself - although passionate about supporting English cricket.  [Why??  It's soooooo dull...]  Anyway - he did good with this spread in aid of our corporate charity[Isn't that an awful phrase?]

Today at work we visited another part of the globe with this rather delish rum cake that a collegue brought back from her holiday in the Caymans.  Although it looks like it's going to be very heavy it's actually a light sponge with a lovely but not overpowering flavour of rum through it.  Nom nom nom...  I wonder where we'll go tomorrow...  :-D


  1. I love vegetables done the Indian way, so much nicer than boring boiled or even the Chinese way, I wouldn't need meat if I was served that meal. Glad you enjoyed it.

  2. Looks like a superb meal. I would just love it

  3. It was very good. Indian is something I must practise more at home - not done a lot of indian cooking yet.


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