Friday, 25 January 2013

A feast for the birds

Now we have finally had a little of the promised snow I'm even more glad I got round to making these fat 'hangers' (for want of a better name) for the birds.  In case anyone wanted a peek here they are finished.

  I melted down some fat that I had been saving in the back of the fridge each time the Chap had a meat roast at the weekend.  A couple of small yoghurt pots were the ideal size.  Fill about 2/3 with mixed bird seed and pur fat over.  Stir to ensure the fat is all the way down the pot - any parts not covered will crumble off when you take them out of the mould.  If you have enough fat at the top you can put a little more seed in, just as long as they're properly covered with the fat.  I stuck them in the fridge to set.
Once they had set I heated a metal skewer over the gas ring.  Pushed it through the unmoulded lumps and then fed thin string through.  I used a couple of those wooden coffee stirrers and tied them on in a cross to make a little perching area.  Ta daa - hopefully they'll be a little help to our feathered visitors.  :-)


  1. Replies
    1. I'm hoping they like them, it's been bitter recently poor things.

  2. love the little perches :-) I daren't put food in the garden for the birds as Queenie is WAY too good at catching them...maybe I could do some guerilla fat ball bombing on my walks outside the village (far away from feline foes)

    1. That's an idea! I think I've got them high enough that my slightly lard arsed kitty won't get anyone, fingers crossed!


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