Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Feeling a wee bit bereft

My camera has decided to go on the sick!!  I'm lost without having it handy to take my daily snaps.  This was my birthday present from the Chap back in September so no waaaaay should it be failing yet.  It's a Nikon - a brand I've been with for years so I'm disappointed this one should have given up so soon.  Anyway - here it is from my birthday.

Due to the lack of camera I dug an older one out of retirement for the weekend - then realised yesterday I couldn't find the card reader to download that format card!  Doh!  *facepalm*  So I will instead share some random images / memories from the year gone by.
This is a house I see every weekday on my way to work - they have brightened it up with a little spray painting which I for one like though I guess it's not to everyone's taste.  Forgive me if I have posted this one before - I honestly can't remember!

This beautiful lavender bird was a gift from the fabulous couple over at the Cottage Smallholder blog - check the tab at the top for '=Gifts=' and you too can be the proud owner of one of their lovely hand made products.
He brightens up the cupboard in my kitchen where I see him daily.

This sums up about all you need to know about me and my feelings on Marmite.  Personally I'm very deffo a 'hater'!  Love this creative take though.  Saw this at the regular Friday Totnes market.

Finally I'll leave you with a smile from my family get together on my birthday - this was at the rather great 'Railway' in Honiton.  Very good food indeed!


  1. Your camera will still be under guarantee won't it Ruth? I hope so anyway.

  2. It is thanks TA - just a hassle meanwhile!

  3. Things just don't last anymore do they..hope you got your guarantee handy..hope it gets fixed for you..
    I love that house..it looks so cheerful..and that sandwich has set my tummy rumbling...


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