Friday, 8 April 2011

Ow ow owww...

This is what my eye looks like today. Good eh? I've no idea why other than to assume it's massively irritated, I just know I'm wishing a) I wasn't at work staring into a computer screen and b) I had my sunnies with me today. Ouchy ouch ouch!

A somewhat prettier globe type object. This is a loan item called 'Flayed Stone' by Peter Randell-Page which is currently residing on campus, under the blossom of one of many beautiful trees here. A much nicer image


  1. Pollen perhaps? Hope it's stopped now.

  2. Sadly it hasn't. Was like it last night and I had hopes of it disappearing overnight but no dice sadly. I refuse to lose more weekend to cacky illness so I think a soak in tepid saline may be in order tonight. That'll show it! :-)

  3. Hope you are better now Ruth. It looked very sore

  4. Back today after a prolonged absence. :-( Better now thankfully! Thank you both for your kind wishes. x


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