Tuesday, 3 May 2011

4 days of foodieness! (Well actually - we did water the allotment too...)

Well, we've had a busy few days here in (mostly) sunny Devon.  As I predicted much cheese was purchased as well as several nice pints of ale consumed; or should I say 'quaffed'  [I loved this sign] at the food festival and now my fridge and freezer are both well stocked with tasty morsels.  [The bloke on the bar seemed so impressed with 3 ladies - Ma, big sis and I - all having pints of real ale he insisted on a pic of us.  Not sure whether that's slightly creepy or flattering!]  Whilst there I purchased a second smaller chopping board for pungent things like garlic.  This is a whacking solid bit of beech wood [really shouldn't have made it the first thing I bought!] and cost me a fiver.  Not bad considering that with a little care I should never need to replace it.  It came from the same people I got my full size oak one from [you'll have seen it in recipe pics] a few years back and is also made from reclaimed wood.  I really have no excuses to get any more now but they are truly things of beauty.
Another purchase I'm rather pleased with is this smoked pepper - ok not even vaguely pretending to be frugal [though you can lift basic food with judicious seasoning as long as you have the options in the cupboard] but it's very tasty without being overwhelming.  Although the bloke on the stall recommended it with things like steak I can announce it goes well with a salmon cream cheese roll for brekkie, garnished with a little sorrel from the allotment.  I think it'd work with eggs as well; with most things if you like the smoked flavour.  I'm a fan anyway!
I'm afraid this is a bit of a short post [I've watering to do] but really - if you're any kind of foodie at all go to one of these shows just so you've had the experience.  You don't have to go mad and buy far too much cheese like I did - virtually every stall has samples to taste and there's something for everyone.  Look up your local show and go now!  We picked up details for a couple of local monthly food fairs / famer's markets whilst we were there and I have now truly set my heart on attending Sturminster Newton Cheese Festival in September.  Oh - and making our own cheese but that's another post...

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