Friday, 27 May 2011

Tempus Fugit

Well once more the week appears to have flittered away faster then I could foresee - necessitating a rubbishy short post right here in place of anything proper and more substantial.  Though for all I know you may be heaving  a sigh of relief at the enforced lack of wittering.  *shrugs shoulders in an 'I don't know man, you tell me' kind of way.*
Anyway - things to do at the weekend - allotmenting; more watering, planting out of asparagus peas, chard, beetroot.  Possible sowing of cheaty plantlets of parsnips as none of my 2 different kinds of seed seem to have come up!  :-(  More strawberry picking.  :-)
Maybe making of pickled eggs, shelves to go up, potentially some sort of nettle brew or elderflower if we get ourselves into gear,a  lick of paint on the old blue chimney pot.
Enjoy the bank hol and I hope for sun where y'all are too.

Next week - meat cooking for the faint hearted...  :-D


  1. Not much planned then Ruth? Have a good time anyway, whatever you do.

  2. Have a great Bank Holiday too!

    I'll be in the garden, planting like mad, then for a little musical interlude, I'm going to see Take That and the Pet Shop Boys on Tuesday...can't wait!!

  3. Too much planned, not so much achieved TA! ;-)
    Hope you enjoyed Tuesday Anne - a real treat for yourself.

    Ruthdigs as anonymous again - thank you Blogger. :-/


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