Thursday, 22 September 2011

And the years roll on...

Super quick post today.  It's my birthday!  Also it's the best one I've had in years and it's not over yet!  Lovely Chap gave me a birthday kiss this morning before quietly sneaking off to work leaving me in bed.  Well... until he realised he'd somehow contrived to lose his van keys in the 100 yards between the van and the front door last night.  After a somewhat less calm half an hour of tearing the place apart whilst I blearily looked on he found them inbetween the t-shirts he'd been choosing from this morning.  Doh!
I had to work as this is our really busy time of the year [as opposed to the rest of the year when it's just somewhat busy] but had secured my bosses ok to take an extended lunch as 2 forum friends from CSH were in Exeter visitng from the USA and Ashburton.  We popped in Tea on the Green for gluten free pasties for them and seafood crepes for me - really good but a large was too much!  We then had a little look at the cathedral - I've finally been in it now after10 years living here!  Then we walked on looking at a little church perched incongrously inside an outside bit of a shopping centre [yep - that really is the best way I can explain it] before I sadly had to leave them in the Cook Shop.  Hopefully they managed not to buy the entire stock!  :-D
I returned to work to find these beautiful flowers on my desk along with some chocolates from the Chap - what a star eh?  I've never had flowers delivered to me at work before and being a hopeless romantic was rather happy - a colleague mentioned my 'cheshire cat' grin.
Now I'm off to posh up as we're going to a mystery destination for dinner.  Apparently it's posh, I haven't been there before and we're catching the train.  Watch this space!


  1. Happy birthday and have a lovely evening!

  2. Isn't he a lovely chap? You sound so happy. Glad you had a lovely lunch and hope the evening is wonderful.


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