Friday, 30 September 2011

First week of term means week of mentalness for me.  We book 'em in, we test 'em and then we register them with nary a hiccup on the way.  Which if believed by your fine selves does somewhat lead me to the conclusion that I could tell you any fib I wanted and be similarly believed.  ;-)
It does mean I've failed to get a post on for which I apologise but here are a few things I have managed to do.
Admired the misty mornings before enjoying the late sunshine - this was my journey to work on wednesday.

Made the Chap a full mixed grill - truly heroic meat cooking by the faint hearted I reckon!  He had local west country fillet steak, boneless lamb shoulder 'lump' (steak / chop / er...?), honey roast pork chipolatas and a duck leg.  All the trimmings bar onion and he said don't worry about that - there was no more room on the plate!

I have also enjoyed my beautiful flowers the Chap got me last week opening up and the scent of lilies that greets me each day on my return home.  Ahhh...  Happy Friday all!


  1. Oh you cooked all that meat for one meal? Cripes.

    Pretty picture.

  2. Happy Friday to you too, dear Ruth.

  3. Chap has a veritably astounding appetite but does physical work so burns it off. I think I beat him with this meal though!!
    Have a lovely weekend both! *waves*


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