Friday, 2 September 2011

The rule of thirds - as in trouble comes in 3s

I mentioned the probs we had with the cooker being condemned in the annual gas safety check.  This was immediately before I left for Dorset for the Shakespeare.  On our return on Sunday, having explained the situation to the landlord we bought another one then discovered we needed a power supply as well as the gas.  That being the cause of the floor coming up.  Then the knob on the shower broke - again - this makes it the 4th set it's on.  Crap design flaw in that all the pressure when it's being turned goes onto the thinnest part of the spindle.  Grr - I did not need this right before chap's family arrived to stay!
And the third thing?
Tuesday evening I open the freezer to show the chap the exciting goodies I'd got from the CFC (2 half legs lamb and 3kg spicy chicken bits) for our forthcoming BBQ.  'Hmm - where's all the ice and frost?' thinks I in a rising dread kind of way.  Eeek - knew I shouldn't have mentioned that it'd been getting very loud recently.  Yes - the fridge/freezer combo had passed on.   Bugger.  Quick phone call saw most of the food safely stashed in my friend's freezer round the corner - luckily it was still frozen; and Wednesday evening saw us trailing round the electrical shops in search of a decent item that met our requirements and was preferably in stock.  No joy.  Today we go to pick up our ordered fridge combo and tomorrow we have the BBQ.  It's all fun.  If I wasn't an aetheist I'd think someone out there didn't like me but I'll just assume the rule of 3 (why that should be any less spurious than assigning it to some greater power I'm not sure).  Anyway - I'm sincerely hoping that's it now.  Mind you the weather forecast for tomorrow is pretty dire...


  1. You are right about threes, definitely. I hope it all goes swimmingly for you at the weekend Ruth and Simon.

  2. Thank you. :-) Nice shiny new fridge freezer now safely installed.


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