Friday, 26 October 2012

Cheese - the 'dairy crack' danger in our homes... ;-p

Cheese is addictive!!!  Who knew??!  Well apparently quite a lot of people, just not me. 
Coincidentally I had been wondering yesterday why I had felt so dissatisfied after finishing my lunch and had been noticing this rather more often than normal recently.  I had put it down to the general sitting around I've been forced into for the last few weeks meaning I'm more bored and therefore wanting to eat more - always a danger with me. 
Later for my dinner I made a very simple dish of bulgar wheat; flavoured with a veggie stock cube in the soaking water with a handful of peas, sweetcorn and broad beans added then a generous portion of grated mature cheddar cheese stirred through.  Other than a grinding of black pepper that was it yet it was soooo much more satisfying to me.  I had figured it was the flavour and to a lesser extent, the fats from the cheese as it's not exactly the most inspiring looking of meals right? 
Well apparently dairy has trace amounts of morphine in, plus the casein protein when digested releases casomorphins which also have opiate effects!  Blimey!!  So in fact - you can be 'addicted to cheese', or as that article calls it 'dairy crack' - fantastic phrase. 
I feel I may be verging on a dairy crack addiction myself.  A quick scoot in the fridge has produced this lot; that's 17 different types of cheese.  That's normal right?
I just stumbled across this information this morning whilst bimbling around on the t'internet and once again, am in equal measures awed, impressed, humbled and slightly overwhelmed by the sheer volume of random factoids and ways to waste your time that are available.  Although I'm also thankful for it given my enforced house bound state recently. 
[Although it's truly silly this still made me smile; then I must admit, full on giggle out loud.]
Right - guess I better think up something to use up some of that cheese huh?


  1. I am expecting you to be totally off your head then, what with the Tramadol and the cheese. It never sullies my fridge!

  2. 'Sullies'??! Do you not like cheese? Oh my!! I read the info with the tramadol and it didn't mention any danger of mixing it with cheese so I should be ok... :-D

  3. Ruth, I am in France at the moment, and only have 3, yes 3 different cheeses in my fridge - how sad is that? I will try to remedy that with the next shopping trip! :-)
    Get well soon, Ruth.

  4. 3??! Yes, definitely need more stock than that I think! Enjoy it. Thanks for popping by. :-)


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