Friday, 3 June 2011

Pimp my noodles

You know they're rubbish food but they're cheap and easy so there tends to be a few packs lurking in your cupboard.  Those cheapo noodles that are loaded with calories and often really eco-unfriendly palm oil.  :-(
Sometimes it's what there is to hand though and as I was running out the door for work this morning this very quick make for my lunch turned out to be surprisingly nice - so I thought I'd share it.  It's a way of making cheapo instant noodles palatable with very few ingredients or time needed.

1-2 packs instant noodles depending how hungry you are / size of the pack - the cheaper they get the smaller they tend to be.
Thai green curry paste
Creamed Coconut - the solid block kind
Sweetcorn - handful frozen / tinned - your preference
0.5 fillet white fish (optional)
Mushroom ketchup

Boil the kettle and add the required amount of hot water according to the instructions on the noodle pack to a pyrex jug / bowl / microwaveable container.
Add a teaspoon-ish of the TGC paste - to your taste considering that strengths seem to vary wildly.  I've got a big tub of the stuff we got in one of the local asian food shops for about £1.69 that's vastly superior in flavour and value than what you'll get for twice the price for a quarter the amount in the stupormarkets.  It's also dead strong!
Add the noodles, fish and sweetcorn and pop in the microwave for about 2 mins.
Remove and flake the fish through the dish.  Ensure it's totally cooked through as you do so.  Judicial stirring should accomplish this - no need to burn your fingers!  [You can use pre-cooked fish; mine was.  I just flaked it in at the start.]
Grate a little of the coconut block in then stir through.  If needed pop back in the microwave for a minute or 2 longer.
Add a little splash of mushroom ketchup just for the depth and stir.

That's it - easy!  As mentioned it surprised me how good it was for a very simple dish - I think it's down to the flavours zinging out from the Thai green curry.

Well - that's all I've got time for, I'm off for the next three days - maybe see you at the Respect Festival?  So glad it's finally summer weather - yay!!

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