Friday, 17 June 2011

Wet weekend wins over work. Oh - and pickled eggs!!

Well - it's been a week of grey skies and latterly rainy weather this week.  Pretty much reflected my mood at work a fair amount of the time.  I'm counting down the hours to getting out of here even if it is into a wet and windy afternoon - it's got to be an improvement to being cooped up in here with the recalcitrant systems and argumentative agents / students!
This weekend we may make some more pickled eggs - ooh - I forgot to tell you about that didn't I?  Oops.  Hard boil some eggs - stuff I read on t'internet said put lots of salt in the water as this will help the peeling.  Not sure whether it made much difference to be honest.  Once eggs are boiled run cold water over - this stops that dark ring appearing in the yolk and apparently also aids peeling.  Think this may be another fallacy though.  With a decent amount of eggs they will heat up the cold water themselves fairly quickly so go back after 5 mins and change for fresh cold water.
Once eggs are cold get your jar sterilising then set about the peeling.  Another tip I read once somewhere said tapping to craze the shell, then rolling gently helps.  Hmm - see pic for how not to do it - we had to eat this one!!
Put peeled eggs in sterilised jar then pour over vinegar.  Ta da!!  Actually there's a lot more you can do with this step but Chap had picked up some 'pickling' vinegar apparently already boiled with spices in that advised pouring it straight over item to be pickled with no need to heat or anything.  We shall see.
Anyway - must dash - more on eggs after the weekend.  :-)

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