Monday, 21 June 2010

Evening at the allotment

My allotment is truly the thing that keeps me sane. The ability to escape there after a busy and fraught day at work is priceless. I can get on with the growing, sowing, weeding etc with just the birdsong for company and the occasional cheery hello as another plotholder passes. I know there's waiting lists to the moon and back all over the place at the moment but if you can't get a plot in the forseeable future grow something, anything in pots. I guarantee the feeling of wellbeing it gives you is worth any amount of ranting about the slugs. Just look what you could be eating. Nom nom nom...


  1. As you know I so agree with you Ruth. I came to growing my own quite late in life and I so love the feeling of picking my own veg. Roll on the first tomato

  2. You have by chance hit on one of the things I seem to have no luck at. Blight the first couple of years; not sure what their excuse was last year. I must admit to not having bothered this year but I might pick up a couple of plants and try again. Fingers x-ed!


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