Wednesday, 9 June 2010

The joy of teeny tiny pasta :-D

'Soup pasta' as it's known, seems to be ridiculously hard to come by here. There's the odd online company selling it but the ones I saw charged a lot for postage so when I knew some friends were visiting Spain recently on holiday I pleaded with them - "bring me Stellini" I cried, a-wailing and a-gnashing of my teeth. Ok so maybe I'm over dramatising a little (!) here but it is irritating that something considered so basic an item on the continent should be so scarce on the ground and exhorbitantly over-priced once you add in the postage here. [This company sells it at 99p a box - a normal price for the product but the postage is £6.50 on top!! Eek!]
I have an abiding soft spot for this pasta (tiny star shapes) having been fed it as a small child by my mother (nope - she doesn't know where to get it now either) and you can eat it as pasta on it's own as well as using it in a soup or broth.
On it's own you get something similar to risotto in feel but taking a lot less time to cook. Seemingly I've muppeted up and mislaid the notes I made when making this but it was very comforting, and the pasta was only 1.20 Euro a 500g bag - result! I added onion, garlic, spinach, sweetcorn and cheese. I'm afraid the pic is so bad as to be un-postable but basically - just because something is designated 'soup pasta' [or whatever] it doesn't have to only be used for that purpose. I think that's the point I'm trying to get across here...


  1. I'm with you on the scarcity of this product in England. I did manage to get something similar from Waitrose some time ago but they no longer seem to stock it.

  2. Yep - when I did searches it came throwing up a waitrose recipe but no product. *tsk*


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