Friday, 18 June 2010

A Crisp Experiment #2; otherwise known as a Ruth Crisp-based Ploughmans

Thought I'd give the homemade crisps another go as I had the pan on again for the end of the bag of prawn crackers and it seemed prudent to use the oil at the same time.
I made a bigger batch this time and this taught me that it's a bit of a faff to be honest. They're good, almost on a par with Kettle chips or Burts (almost!) but for the time expended slicing and patting dry and the fact that they come out with more oil on than I'd ideally like to be consuming I'm not sure I'd bother often.
[Stupidly I only remembered the microwave suggestion made in the comments last time I tried this half way through frying this lot. Perhaps that's a healthier option although I'm not sure whether it's any less labour intensive.]
I used the 'slice' side of my grater for these, sprinkled them with black pepper and *seasoned salt and plated them up with some chunks of mature chedder, marinated artichoke hearts and runner bean chutney as a crisp-based ploughmans - very nice if very unhealthy!
*Seasoned salt = salt plus handy spices. Nice although it's not sea salt or anything. Another of those random things that lurk in my cupboard waiting for their time to come. As Tarantino might say - 'every dog has it's day' and, I guess, every salt must have it's concomitant victual. Doesn't have quite the same ring though does it? ;-D

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