Monday, 17 May 2010

A Crisp Experiment

Crisps are my downfall, I admit it. Not for me the craving for chocolate, or cake, or sweets - I'm a savoury girl and I love my crisps. Generally ready salted or sea salt and black pepper. *drool* I am addicted. I try and stay away from them, I really do. They're terribly bad for you; full of fat and salt and calories. Also they're actually worse for your teeth to eat in the middle of the day than sweets are! (Thank you QI for that bit of doom and gloom.) The starch in the potato adheres to your teeth potentially causing more damage than a bagful of humbugs. Pah!
Anyway, I was heating some oil for prawn crackers on Saturday (yes - another highly unhealthy snack) and I thought to myself 'I wonder if I could do crisps like this?' I grabbed a small spudato (just an ickle one as this was an experimental type of party), sliced it as thin as I could, patted the moisture off on kitchen towel and chucked into the hot fat. Left them until mostly golden (I was a little impatient), hauled them out and sprinkled with sea salt. YUM!!!! The slighlty thicker ones were a bit chip tasting but I reckon this could be the way forwards. The future of the Ruth / Crisp symbiosis no less. Not health wise evidently but if it can save me 60p out of the machine at work I'll be a happy frugal crisp munching bunny. Now there's an image. :-D


  1. Hi Ruth - have you tried laying them singly on a microwaveable plate, then microwave until turning brown-ish and crispy? I have found this can work if the potatoes are the right 'sort', but not yet gleaned which are best - doh!!
    Might be worth experimenting though.

  2. I haven't but will give it a try. Thanks for the tip Brightspark. Do you coat them in oil or just patted dry as they are? Hmm - more experimentation needed I think!

  3. Oh, crisps are my weakness too, Ruth! Bog standard Walkers Cheese and Onion please. I must remember to bin the bags that are stacking up in the driver's door pocket thingy. Thanks for the dental health warning. I wonder if that will make a jot of difference? Doubt it!

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  5. Cheese and Onion are my next favourite after salted / salt and pepper. Too addictive for me to stop eating I'm afraid!


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