Monday, 10 May 2010

Shop local lol

Sometimes you know you just spot things and they make you if not actually lol, then grin a little? I'm sure this should read Trail mix rather than Trial mix but I rather liked the image it conjured up in my mind of a bewigged and gowned judge surreptiously snaffling up handfuls whilst in the middle of a case.
Weigh & Save is one of my regular local shops. It's great as everything is sold loose by the weight so you can just buy the amount you want of any one thing; especially handy for items you use infrequently where the recipe just calls for a couple of oz's etc. You then don't have a whole pack of stuff sitting around in the cupboard waiting to go out of date, you don't have the attendant cost if you've been forced to buy half a kilo or whatever and you don't have all the excess packaging either. As I'm going to try and be pretty frugal this month I picked up some of their 'broth mix'; looks like pearl barley, red and green lentils and yellow split peas. Also got some dried beans (for the first time in my life believe it or not) so will have a little experiment with those as well.
Although I don't drive I don't mind trekking about a bit to get the best deals on my shopping; if I did a massive shop in one place I wouldn't be able to carry it all home anyway. I try and keep a mental list of where's best for what; I know the local Stokes veg shop often has flat field mushrooms on offer at the same price as the regular mushrooms which is a far better deal than the local Scumerfield/Co-op hybrid. I always get my frozen sweetcorn at Iceland as it's £1 for a kilo, better by far than the other stupormarkets. [I've tried growing sweetcorn with zero success and I'd never be able to keep up with my own demand anyway so buying a couple of kilos a month seems to be the best solution for me.] Aldi for veg stock cubes and a check on their weekly Super 6 - heavily discounted fruit and/or veg deals for each week. If you have the inclination and time I think it's well worth doing, if not then think about other shops you may need to visit in the week and what else is in proximity to them, after all if you're going to be there anyway...

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