Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Yay! And some severe miscalculations...

A little yay, just to myself. :-D Tee hee

The miscalculation - well if you were paying attention you may have noticed that apparently over 3 recipes I got 750-800g of spaghetti from a 500g pack. Hmmm - methinks not. Now I've had a niggling feeling about my scales for a while now but that's quite a lot out. :-(
However, should you wish to approach one of the 'ghetti dishes with the notion of giving it a go they're all adaptable to how many you want to serve, what you've got in the house etc. You may only have half a broccoli head in the fridge, or no nuts - it doesn't matter just go for it. It's all about the 'ish' of cooking! If I was forced to hazard a guess I'd say perhaps recipe#1 was 200-250g, #2 was 100g and #3 150-200g. Approximately. Ish.
[Now tell me I'm not the only one that thinks that'd be a great title for a cook book: "The Ish of Cooking." You saw it here first!]

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