Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Spaghetti recipe #2 - Spinach

This was the second 'ghetti dish I made from the CFC pasta find from Thursday, using store cupboard bits with spinach from the freezer and a little of the leftover dbl cream. A very quick recipe indeed if using fresh pasta.

Spaghetti in a spinach, cream and nutmeg sauce
0.5 pt veg stock
2 lumps frozen spinach [I'm guessing they're pretty much the same size from diff shops but mine is Iceland: 1 kg=£1]
Ground nutmeg - 1 teaspoon in total
2 fl oz / 60ml ish dbl Cream
200g fresh pasta / barely cooked pasta (al dente) [I think = approx 100g uncooked dry pasta]
S & P
Lemon juice

Place stock and spinach in pan and bring to simmer.
Add half tsp nutmeg and several decent grinds black pepper. Stir in the dbl cream.
Add pasta and bring back to boil to reduce further.
Taste and adjust seasonings. I found that a lot of the nutmeg taste seemed to have 'cooked out' at this point so I added another half teaspoon and a splash of lemon juice. Lemon will also disappear the more you cook it so plate up straight away.
Serve with plenty of black pepper ground over and if got; a sprinkle of grated parmesan.

Nutmeg goes well with spinach and I think the lemon in the recipe helps it from becoming too 'spinachy' if you know what I mean. Stops it from just tasting 'dark green'.
I thoroughly enjoyed this and it was enough for 2 portions - 1 for me now [er - then in fact. Fri 7.5.10] and one to freeze for later.

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