Friday, 23 July 2010

Friday fever

Sometimes after one of those weeks at work (and this really has been one of those weeks) the stupidest things can set you off. We came up with the hilarious (to us) idea of eating the sweets in an absent work colleague's box of chocolate eclairs and then replacing them in the wrappers . Here's my effort. I know, I know - how old are we?! *snigger*

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  1. Just look at it this way. The definition of theft is to 'permanently deprive the owner thereof' and 'knowing that exchange is no robbery', I'm just hoping that the deprived individual is sober enough to know the difference and will not go round shouting...'I was robbed' or complain to that well known chocolate supplier that the jelly babies were past their sell by date and substandard. Work ethics of today!!!

    EP of BG


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