Friday, 23 July 2010

Postcard postal art pay it forward post

It seems like a fair few of us miss the days of 'real' mail. When we'd get a satisfyingly fat letter through the door just to say hello and catch up on the news, or an arty card purely because someone saw it and 'thought of you.' Nowadays it's either bills, junkmail - addressed and generic, local free 'paper' (rag) or unsolicited kleeneze/avon/betterware/plastic tat merchants booklets that they then get irate when you don't leave them out on the right day. Errr - did I ask you to put the damn thing into my home in the first place?
Email has many many plus points, as does texting, but as anyone who has read the Pratchett book 'Going Postal' knows "you can't seal an [email] with a loving kiss." It's just not as good, or fun or real. (Apologies for any wincing from misquoting you feel, I don't have the book to hand right now ok.)
So - in a fairly longwinded way I'm actually getting to my point. Inspired by the lovely Jacqueline on Tinned Tomatoes and her pay it forward post I thought it might be fun to have a postcard pay it forward thing. I'm going to make the rule that you have to design the card yourself, like a postal art type thing. You could adapt an existing one, or draw or paint your own from scratch, make it from something unexpected - I've received a remote control through the post before now with the message tucked into the battery compartment. Now that is special. :-) Anything you like really [eg - pic is what was on my desk, reachable in 15 secs] so long as it'll go through the post safely and all the postage is paid. To enter put a comment (hmm - well I do have 5 followers - loves you!) after this post and I'll randomly pick a winner at the end of the month. By entering you must be happy to post about the receipt of the card and be prepared do the same thing yourself and send one. [If you don't have a blog you could have a guest spot on here for the purposes. (Ooh - exciting) ]
I've always loved postal art and the idea of it so this is my little contribution to both an artform and the royal mail and their workers. Now - gooooooOO comments!! [In an 'american football team circle raising hands' type way.]
Update - either it's catching or we're all subliminally on the same level. The ace Mangocheeks also has a 'pay it forward' going on over on her blog 'Allotment 2 Kitchen.'


  1. OK, I LOVE this idea!!! I might even do it myself, even if I don't get picked by you (I seem to recall my friends and I going through a phase of sending odd things through the post one university holiday... I don't think the piece of toast made it!). I will be in Brunei by next week - but we do have a BFPO address, so it's not hideously expensive to send things.

  2. Hi Ruth - I would be happy to join - just like Norm said - love the idea! I don't have a blog any more though, so I'll have to be one of your 'guests'! Good luck with it!
    Brightspark! (Val) Btw -I'm not really anonymous....

  3. Oo, yes please, count me in! Such a good idea. I don't have a blog so if I were to be lucky enough I'd have to be your guest. Off to create something right away.

  4. That's a great twist, Ruth. Like you, I hold our postal workers in high esteem.
    I think we should all send you a card regardless (or something eyecatching and naughty that will catch your postie's eye!!!! ).
    I too miss the days when a nice plump handwritten letter would plop onto the doormat.

  5. Sounds like fun will have to look into a bit more

  6. Count me in too Ruth. I don't have a blog though. I do love getting postcards, I must admit.

  7. Id' love to join in. I don't hold my particular posty in high regard so I'd need my post sent to work. He's a real odd ball (you know, the 'he's a bit worrying...' type?)so I really don't need to encourage him dribbling all over my post box. I'm sure I can find something rather odd and possibly intriguing to pop in the post for you though.
    I don't blog as a rule though daarling. I voyeur.

  8. I'd love to join in but I don't have a blog and am no good with photos - don't even possess a camera. Does that rule me out? Is it a 'rule' that received postcard is displayed? It'd be fun trying to describe the pc - and even more amusing to see what other people made of the description. (Would they get it right?) I just love getting proper post, and collect all sorts of postcards, so maybe, just maybe, Ruth, your venture is going to turn my life around and rid me of my camera phobia. I think a cheapy digi-camera might just make it onto my Xmas list. But a surprise pc from one of your followers would be even nicer. Good luck with this - hope it flies.


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