Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Weather? What weather?? *pffff*

As it happened the state of the weather was of rather less relevance at the weekend than I had hoped. A niggling pain in the back of my throat on thurs and fri developed into some sort of mutant summer based cold complete with hot and cold flushes, croaky lack of voice, hurty eyes, inability to sleep etc. Fun it aint. Anyway, all of this added up to zilch getting achieved at the weekend or so far this week, and if I'm honest nowt's gonna happen tonight either as I still feel absolutely zonked.
Oh - I did manage to nearly finish watching the first 3 series of 'The IT Crowd' (how did I miss this first time round?) that I borrowed from a friend, and 'Invictus' that I borrowed from another friend. :-P
Was back to work today, feeling somewhat better now than when I arrived this morning too so hopeful for a steady climb through the rest of what remains of the week - just realised I'm talkin as if the weekend's just finished not like it's the middle of the week already! Hopefully I'll actually achieve something of note in the rest of the week and therefore be able to titillate you with a somewhat more interesting post but for now - toodlepip.
[Interesting picture in place of an interesting post. Like a posh version of my profile pic eh?!]

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