Tuesday, 6 July 2010

'A purse, A purse. My kingdom for a purse...'

...or something along those lines.
Being unfortunate enough to lose mine recently (grrr) I had been attempting for the last couple of weeks to stuff my cash into a metal card holder, along with the cards. This really doesn't work. As I was getting somewhat irate with that arrangement I decided to make use of mother's sewing machine whilst I was home for the weekend and knock up a small purse; of the size to take a card and some cash and fit into a petite handbag without taking up all the room like those bigger purses with their historically significant collection of shop receipts, and points cards for all and sundry even the places you never shop, do.

I had an offcut of a gunmetal satin - lovely colour but an absolute git to sew apparently as it's slidey and you have to fiddle with the tension on the machine etc etc. so - bit of cotton to back it, an old zip and some zig zag stitching later and ta-daa!! I'm pathetically pleased with this, due in part I think because of the relief at not having to struggle to fit a £2 coin where one really didn't want to go but also because it's an age sinc I knocked anything like this up and even if the curves aren't equal - I think it looks ok. I didn't measure anything, except by eye and could have finished a lot faster had I not done the decoration. As it was I think most time was spent changing cottons and tying off the ends. Due to the aforementioned dire warnings about the slippery material I first stiched all the way round the outside of the rectangle to sew the satin and the cotton together, then did the zig-zagging, finally attaching the zip and sewing up the sides. It does the job and cost only the power the machine used, all other bits recycled from the cupboard. Good enough for me. :-D


  1. The fabric sounds like it was a nuisance to work with, but the final product is really pretty. I think its precious.

  2. Thank you mangocheeks. I think the fabric was helped a lot by affixing the backing first but my mother's made a skirt from it in the past and I don't think she enjoyed working with it too much!

  3. That's a pretty purse Ruth, well done!

  4. Thanks TA, I liked the combo of colours. Making it up as you go along can work! :-D


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