Wednesday, 15 September 2010

12 Bore Hard Core

Lol. Having enjoyed the clay pigeon shooting at the weekend I was enthusing to a friend and mentioned that as we were all 'ladies' and complete novices they had given us 20 bore guns rather then 12 as the kick is lessened. 'Ha- that's a childs gun' he responds and thus the challenge was on. So last night, in the rain, we went out with a couple of his 12 bore shotguns for a little practice. I must admit to being somewhat apprehensive as people had been telling me I'd have a black and blue shoulder after but it was fine. As long as you're holding it right the kick really wasn't a problem. Testament to the teaching skills of the guys at Ashcombe I reckon, oh- and my friend of course. :-p It was a tad loud mind but we had ear defenders at the clay pigeon shooting...
Picked up some lovely looking sweetcorn from the friendly local farmer on the way back. My friend declined to be photographed for the blog so you'll have to make do with that. :-)

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