Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Autumn is well and truly upon us

Now apologies for A) the week long hiatus in between posts and B) the shortness in length that I know this post is going to be - I must slackly plead work I'm afraid. We have had our several hundred overseas students arrive and - well - they kinda take up a bit of time.
So for now it's a quickie (drag your mind out of the gutter) and a pic of what we affectionately refer to as the 'giant polo'. [It kinda looks more polo-like when you can see more than just the silhouette.]

The nights are drawing in and the leaves are turning some glorious colours and the conkers shine and twinkle at me from the pavements edge each morning. There's a crispness to the air but whilst the sky is blue I can take the cold. Best give the docs a polish and retire the flip flops for another year I guess, autumn will be held off no longer!

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  1. I love that shot Ruth, very evocative. I can't bear to put on closed in shoes yet, I'll stay indoors if it rains.

    Enjoy the Autumn. We're missing you on CSH by the way, hope you can get back soon. :-)


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