Monday, 6 September 2010

On pet-ownership

One breakage so far. Not too bad I suppose.
The pet owning public are however, I have come to the recent conclusion, well and truly off their rocker. Given that Zeke is a recent acquisition I have been visiting pet shops somewhat more regularly than previous - hence the kitchen is now a trip hazard zone of vibrating toy mice, balls with bells in and other such miscellaneous kitten related frippery. I have yet to turn Zeke into a little stoner though but if I wanted to this company seems to have it covered for all your cats 'nip needs. Lol - look what I spied in a local (very good) pet shop - cat nip bubbles!! What a brilliantly useless item with which to extract cash from the pockets of deluded pet lovers. Another highlight (that I earnt myself strange looks for as I snorted out loud in the shop) were puppy nappies. I kid you not. Yes - the world has truly lost it's head and descended into full on consumerist madness.
Added later - not really the same thing but this post sums up some of todays world's failings for me. And has a nifty picture of a tiny pony. Enjoy.

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