Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Another week passed, another year older!?

Wow - it's a week since my last post - how very slack of me! :-P Extremely busy time at work this time of year I'm afraid but I will do my utmost to get a more substantial post in before the week is out. For today, well 'tis my birthday (although I'm still @ work :-/) and here's my great random gift from my friend that specialises in them - space invaders ice cubes. They just have to be made with colour in for the different spaceships doncha think? lol. Enjoy your day one and all.


  1. A belated birthday wish from me Ruth. I hope you had a good day even if your were at work. There seems to be quite a bit of chocolatey goodness going on in that picture...;-)

  2. Thank you TA. Day was so-so but the evening was a vast improvement. :-) Chocolately goodness there was - I got into work and that's what was sat on my desk!

  3. Love those ice-cubes!! Have you seen the false-teeth ones too? I bought some for my Mum last year (not sure how amused she was, but I thought they were very funny!)

    A belated happy birthday from me in Brunei.

  4. Ha - not seen the teeth but shall keep my eyes peeled for them.
    Thank you for the good wishes, I'm glad to see all seems to be going well in Brunei - and some interesting foodstuffs going on. You've put me off ever trying Durian! :-D

  5. Belated Birthday wishes to you Ruth.


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