Tuesday, 25 October 2011

The furry faced escapologist

A quick update.  Zeke being the sneaky little catfink he is managed to break out of the house on Thursday night meaning he couldn't have his bits snipped on Friday.  Tsk.  He's now at the vets today instead and I've just called them to check on him.  He's all fine [phew] albeit a little bleary still from being put under.  I'll be picking him up sans danglies later and no doubt spoiling him out of misplaced guilt all evening.  :-)


  1. Bless him, you too! I hope he heals quickly.

  2. He seems fine although in a bit of a strop with me I fear! Eating well though and bounding about. Awww :-D

  3. He'll forget all about it soon.


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