Friday, 7 October 2011

Lovely things - and cheese!

It's fatal - they have a farmers market at work now!  Look at all these things I bought. 

Chilli choc from a different chilli farm - though it's not all for me!  Lovely tasting cordials - the lemongrass and ginger one tasted like it'd be fab in a G&T.  Seasoned salts and some 2 year old mature cheddar and a blue goats cheese from Tickelmore that do the Beenleigh blue I had a while back.  Not a bad little haul for a friday at work!


  1. Ooh Ruth, that is so unfair, putting all that temptation in front of you! Lovely things indeed.

  2. Oh, apart from the goat's cheese YUK!!

  3. Hi, just visiting on a blog hop. I've enjoyed my visit. Chocolate looks good.
    Love from Mum

  4. Hi TA - I think I'd better ban myself from the next one!

    Ooh Danuta - it's lovely!! :-)

    Hi Mum - nice of you to drop by - hope to see you again. x


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